Is there a tab "For suppliers" under your set of criteria? 

If not, go back to Criteria.


The "For suppliers" tab is only visible on your criteria page if you are going to need information about various items from manufacturers in your supply chain when you apply for a Nordic Swan licence.

Item is a general term for various products and materials, for example chemicals, laminates, glass and fabrics.

If certain items you intend to use are missing in the Nordic Ecolabelling Portal where you make your application, please ask your suppliers to declare them in the Supply Chain Declaration Portal.

This is how you do

  1. E-mail the link of your set of criteria (for instance for 031 Furniture and fitments at to your suppliers and ask them to go to the "For suppliers" tab. There they will find all the information they need.
  2. Also provide your suppliers with your application ID in the Nordic Ecolabelling Portal. They are goint to need it when they declare.
  3. Please note that there are two different portals: You make your application for a Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence in the Nordic Ecolabelling Portal, while your suppliers make their declarations in the Supply Chain Declaration Portal.