Type 1 ecolabel and ISO 14024

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is a type 1 ecolabel according to the standard ISO 14024. Hence, the criteria are product-specific and are based on a life cycle assessment.

Type 1 ecolabels cover the whole life cycle and all relevant environmental aspects and has absolute requirements. All stages from raw materials to production, use, disposal and recycling are included in the assessment when the requirements are established. In this way, Nordic Swan Ecolabel reduces the overall environmental impact.

Type 1 ecolabels also have a holistic approach to the environmental aspects. Nordic Ecolabelling sets requirements for both climate impact, biodiversity, hazardous chemicals and circular economy. We also have requirements for product properties that ensure quality and durability.

ISO 14024 requires that all criteria must be developed in an open process where stakeholders have the opportunity to influence the development through continuous improvements through regular evaluation and review of the requirements. Please, have a look if you could participate with your views in an ongoing criteria consultation.

Type 1 ecolabels also require independent third-party certification.

Read the ISO 14024 Type 1 ecolabel checklist and how the Nordic Swan Ecolabel fulfills it.