1. Why choose ecolabelling?

Why choose ecolabelling?

Never before has the motivation to create a sustainable future for the Earth, for generations to come and for ourselves, been as high as now. We can all be part of the solution.


Tjej med tyggsäck står på en bro och tittar ut över stad. Ses bakifrån.

More and more companies are working smarter and more environmentally friendly. Conserving energy, water and other resources is not only good for the environment – there is also a positive impact on the bottom line. Future market leaders will be those with new and greener solutions.

Why choose the Nordic Swan Ecolabel?

Based on life cycle assessment with an overall goal to reduce the environmental impact from production and consumption of goods, The Nordic Swan Ecolabel drives sustainable development.

Setting a high standard of tough requirements in all stages of a product's life cycle and continuously tightening it is the foundation of – and what distinguishes – the Nordic Swan Ecolabel as an official, independent third party certification.

High consumer awareness and demand

The Nordic countries have a vision to be a driving force for a sustainable society and responsible lifestyle, and when it comes to health and environmental concerns, Nordic consumers are regarded as the world's most conscious.

  • 9 out of 10 Nordic consumers are familiar with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel – and half of these look for it when they shop*
  • 3 out of 4 Nordic consumers are concerned about what they can do themselves to take care of the environment*

International recognition and preference

As one of the world’s toughest and most recognized environmental certifications, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel enjoys increasing international demand. Leading companies and brand owners around the world have chosen the Nordic Swan Ecolabel for their products.

A strong and effective marketing tool

A certification with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is an effective tool for companies that want to lead with a visible proof of their environmental efforts.

* Nordic consumer survey 2022