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The national Nordic Ecolabelling organisations

If you have any questions regarding the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, you’re always welcome to contact us.

Whether you are interested in becoming a licensee, want to understand the application process better or want to know more about our view on a sustainable society, we’re happy to help.

Ecolabelling Denmark

Tel: +45 72 30 04 50
E-mail: info@ecolabel.dk
Application and login e-mail: application@ecolabel.dk
Webpage: https://www.svanemaerket.dk

Ecolabelling Finland

Tel: +358 9 6122 5000
E-mail: joutsen@ecolabel.fi
Application and login e-mail: application@ecolabel.fi
Webpage: https://joutsenmerkki.fi/

Ecolabelling Iceland, The Environment Agency of Iceland

Tel: +354 591 2000
E-mail: svanurinn@ust.is
Webpage: https://svanurinn.is/

Ecolabelling Norway

Tel: +47 24 14 46 00
E-mail: info@svanemerket.no
Application and login e-mail: post@svanemerket.no
Webpage: https://svanemerket.no/

Ecolabelling Sweden

Tel: +46 (0)8 - 55 55 24 00
E-mail: info@svanen.se
Application and login e-mail: ansokan@svanen.se
Webpage: https://www.svanen.se/