As you apply for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel you pay an application fee. When you have achieved your certification, you pay an annual fee based on the turnover of the certified product or service.

The application fee

When you apply for a Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence, you pay an application fee. Typically, the fee amounts to 3,114 euros + VAT and can normally cover several products manufactured at the same production site.

The application fee covers the processing cost for your application including one site inspection in the Nordic region.

If more than one inspection visit is needed or your products are produced outside of the Nordic region, you will have to pay an additional fee for the inspection visit to cover travel and billable hours related to the visit. The fee for inspection visits is listed in the table of fees for your set of criteria.

Costs during the licence period

There is an annual fee for your Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification  – even if the logo has not been actively used in marketing. It is based on your annual revenue from Nordic Swan Ecolabel goods and / or services. You must report your estimated annual revenue per country. This applies to countries both in and outside of the Nordic region.

The annual fee is typically a minimum of 2,076 euros + VAT. For many product areas, there is also a maximum fee.

The annual fee applies even if your licence does not cover a full year. However, if you aqcuire a certification after the 1st of July your fee will be reduced.

When you become certified, the annual usage fee is estimated in an on-account invoice for the current year. Subsequently, at the beginning of the new year you will receive a new on-account invoice together with an annual statement for the previous year.

You will receive an invoice from each of the Nordic countries that you are selling in.

Payment terms

VAT is added to the fee, and the invoice must be paid within 30 days.

What the fees are used for

Nordic Ecolabelling is a non-profit organisation. The revenue from fees is used to process applications, manage certifications and increase the supply and demand for ecolabelled goods and services. Our purpose is to reduce the total environmental impact for the benefit of people, the environment and the Earth's resources.

Nordic Ecolabelling is dedicated to increasing demand for goods and services with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel from both consumers, companies and green public procurement – and to ensure a high level of awareness and outstanding credibility associated with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Application fees and annual usage fees may vary from in product groups and product areas.

Fees for specific criteria

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