1. How to apply

How to apply

Here you will find information about criteria, costs, regulations, marketing and graphical guidelines and learn how to get started with your application.

1. Find out if there are any available Nordic Swan Ecolabel criteria for your product, goods, service or project in the sets of criteria.

2. The application will take place in the Nordic Ecolabelling Portal.

3. To get your personal login credentials to the portal, click Request login.

4. Before entering the Nordic Ecolabelling Portal, please study the Application Guide carefully for a successful result. You will find it under the "How to apply" tab under your set of criteria.

5. One of the first things you will be asked to do in the portal is to choose which national Nordic Ecolabelling organisation you will send in your application to. Generally, the Nordic country where you have your production and / or most sales.

6. When you have made and signed your application request, a designated advisor from your national Nordic Ecolabelling organisation, called evaluator, will be assigned to help you through the process and review your response to the requirements.

7. For some products, you will need to ask your suppliers to declare ingoing items, for example chemicals, laminates, glass and fabrics, that you use in the product you apply for. You will be informed about this in the Nordic Ecolabelling Portal.

All applications are treated confidentially in accordance with Type 1 enviromental labelling, EN ISO 14024:2018.

What does it cost?

Read about the application fee and the annual cost.

Regulations, guidelines and logos

Familiarize yourself with Nordic Ecolabelling Rules and Regulations and Logos and guidelines before you make your application.