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Renovation 102

The product group covers renovation of buildings like single-family homes, apartment buildings, buildings for pre-schools and schools, office buildings, homes for the elderly, cottages/holiday homes and holiday apartments and buildings that are converted into any of these types of buildings.

Nordic Swan Ecolabelled renovation is a good tool to ensure that renovation projects are carried out with strict environmental requirements, good quality assurance and with regard to a good indoor environment.

A Nordic Swan Ecolalabelled renovation guarantees that the renovated building has:

  • Low energy consumption after renovation.
  • Good indoor environment and low emissions of hazardous chemicals.
  • Survey/environmental analysis before the renovation and that hazardous substances and waste have been properly disposed of.
  • Building materials, materials and chemical products meet high environmental and health requirements.
  • Promoted reuse of construction products and materials.

Below you will find all the necessary documents and background information to apply for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.


    1. Start your application process by reading the criteria document and find out if your product can obtain the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. 
    2. Read your Application Guide.
    3. Request login credentials.
    4. Now you are ready to enter the Nordic Ecolabelling Portal.


    Portal sign in                               Get login credentials


    Should you wish to transfer your licence, please use this form

  • Please contact one of our national offices for information about fees for this product group.

  • In the criteria document, you can read about how to document and verify compliance for each requirement. You can also find other application documents here.

  • When your customer applies for a Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence, they will need their suppliers' help in their application process. Every item in the product to be licenced has to be declared for.

    Suppliers wishing to declare their items, i.e. raw materials, products and chemicals, can do so in the Building Products Portal. You will be issued a personal account to ensure that all information is correct in a secure manner.

  • Information on the latest version of the criteria for renovation

    1.4 ⇛ 1.5: Adjustment of requirement and prolongation of the validity of the criteria

    Adjustment of requirement O16 where the energy classes have been updated according to the new energy directive. Several exceptions have also been introduced or changed in O18, O19, O22, O26 and O27, and clarifications have been made in requirements O25, O32, O33 and O34. In addition, the validity of the criteria has been extended by 24 months.

    The new version is called 1.5 and is valid until 30 June 2023.

    1.3 ⇛ 1.4: Adjustment of requirement

    Adjustment of requirement O19 where exemptions for TiO2 and TMP were introduced.

    1.2 ⇛ 1.3: Prolongation of the validity of the criteria

    The criteria has been been prolonged with 18 month. The new version, 1.3, is valid until 30 June 2023.

    1.1 ⇛ 1.2: Adjustment of the criteria

    The criteria has been adjusted in requirement O14 (renovation class for Denmark) and requirement O22 (D4, D5 and D6 were excluded as residues from the production of silicone polymers of 1 000 ppm each). The new version, 1.2, is valid until 31 December 2021.

    1.0 ⇛ 1.1: Adjustment of the criteria

    The criteria has been adjusted in requirement O16 and Appendix 8. The new version, 1.1, is valid until 31 December 2021.

    1.0: Adoption of criteria

    The Nordic Ecolabelling Board decided to adopt criteria for Renovation on the 9 November 2017. 

  • In the background document below you will find reasoning and facts behind the specific requirements in the criteria document.

    Here you can also read the comments, requirement for requirement, from the public hearing.

    If the documents are in a Nordic language, you can get help in understanding the sections you need by contacting the product specialist in your chosen country below.